NOAHH | TivoliVredenburg area, Utrecht city centre (NL)
NOAHH = Network Oriented Architecture Patrick Fransen founded NOAHH in 2014.
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TivoliVredenburg area, Utrecht city centre (NL)

About This Project

TivoliVredenburg has the ambition to be the most cultural, vibrant quarter of the Netherlands and wants to constantly innovate, interact and connect disciplines 24/7: the project shows how the building quickly became a platform for new types of usage and events! NOAHH is supervising this process.

TivoliVredenburg wants to be a flexible instrument for both artists and a large variety of people adapting to the constant cultural and musical mutations and breathing the concept of flexibility; TivoliVredenburg must be both a cultural actor and a cultural vector. The interspace and its immediate environment are of great importance in this: all space should be accessible to the public and become a platform for its users. TivoliVredenburg wants to very clearly invent a new model, that of a cultural instrument as a music building in motion, contained in a distinct and facilitating architecture in symbiosis with its new context and the existing city; an instrument that is destined to bring a broad and varied audience not only into contact with contemporary culture and music, but also to inspire that audience. The wide concert and night program now attracts numerous types of audience to all venues. In addition to these successes, TivoliVredenburg sees room for an expansion of the use of the building. There is room for more encounters and liveliness in foyers and in-between-space. This should also apply to the surrounding streets.

At the same time TivoliVredenburg wants to restore the original identity of the Main Hall.


DE NUK | TivoliVredenburg – een modern Utrechts mirakel


Vlaamse Toren, Hollandse Toren, Catharijnesingel, Vredenburg – Utrecht


Patrick Fransen, Stephanie Lama, Loes Thijssen, Magdalena Nalepa



Culture & Leisure, Transformation, Urban design