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Plant Factory, Guangzhou (China) - NOAHH
NOAHH = Network Oriented Architecture Patrick Fransen founded NOAHH in 2014.
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Plant Factory, Guangzhou (China)

  • Guangzhou Plant Factory

About This Project

Guangzhou actively encourages innovative solutions to provide food for the growing region. In order to ensure greater agricultural biodiversity and enrich the urban quality of the Guangzhou area, NOAHH designed the new plant factory as a social incubator. The new factory is highly flexible, innovative and sustainable in terms of structure and program, and will house vertical farms as well as a multifunctional visitor centre, conference spaces, a restaurant, workshop studios, auditorium, offices and an exhibition hall. The new plant factory will be a community centre for the workers as well as for the neighbourhood. The composition of the roof acts as an overarching leaf covering the three plant factory buildings. The roof has a modular rhombic structure and contains solar cells, collects rain water and provides shading. The characteristic roof shape guides us to the central space where people can meet each other and spend time in the botanical garden, as well as enjoy a bite to eat at the restaurant, which serves dishes with local vegetables grown in the vertical farms and fish from the aquaponics. The open glazed facade invites visitors to come inside and explore all the riches the venue has to offer.Competition finalist.



Total floor area

18.000 m2


Loes Thijssen, Bawar Tanay, Xiaozhu Huang, Xabier Larrinaga, Elisa Zampogna, Patrick Fransen


NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture

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