NOAHH was founded in 2014 by Patrick Fransen (1967; graduated with honors in TU Eindhoven).Patrick Fransen has a wide experience managing and guiding large teams of architects and experts working together closely. This experience resulted in a more networking-oriented attitude and the need for an in-depth research into this way of working. By creating NOAHH, he was able to explore this way of working more thoroughly. Now surrounded by a young international team of designers and technical experts, NOAHH is growing, as well as working in several fields and countries in Europe.NOAHH is specialized in complex projects, such a cultural and leisure buildings. The International Education Culture Cluster (OCC) in The Hague and the Music Centre TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht are examples of its designing ability. TivoliVredenburg won the Rietveld Award 2015. Schools also form an important part of our knowledge, loyal to a strong renewing pedagogical concept. NOAHH believes in the social aspects of the architecture and urbanism. For Schoolenaer he won the ‘Lieven-the-Key penning’, the first prize for best urban project in Haarlem of the last decade. The projects are always the result of an intensive, service-oriented interaction with our clients, our partners, the budget and the project context.Currently, NOAHH focuses on forming design teams with networking relations and partners in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany. Even though NOAHH welcomes new contacts all over Europe, to share knowledge and work in new collaborations and teams. Thanks to the diversity of the team, NOAHH is able to face projects in designing, detailing and conceptual elaboration in diverse categories such as urban design, housing, cultural and leisure buildings and schools, as well as office buildings, transformations, re-use and interiors.
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ABOUT Patrick Fransen



Patrick Fransen (1967; graduated with honors in TU Eindhoven) has a wide experience managing and guiding large teams of architects and experts working together closely. This experience resulted in a more networking-oriented attitude and the need for an in-depth research into this way of working. By creating NOAHH, he was able to explore this way of working more thoroughly. Now surrounded by a young international team of designers and technical experts, NOAHH is growing, as well as working in several fields and countries in Europe.


2018-now Graduation mentor at Academy of Architecture, Tilburg
2018 Winner ARC18-awards interior, with MFC Doelum in Renkum (in collaboration with Studio Nuy van Noort + Abbie Steinhauser)
2018 Nomination BNA best building of the year, with MFC Doelum in Renkum (in collaboration with Studio Nuy van Noort)
2017-now Graduation mentor at Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam
2016-now Professor ILS (Innovative Learning Spaces) University of Sassari, Italy
2017 Lecture in City Scape, University of Ancona, Italy
2015 Winner Rietveld-award Utrecht with TivoliVredenburg
2015 Nomination Mies award with TivoliVredenburg
2015 Lecture for Building Leisure Buildings in Utrecht
2014 Lecture at Artez academie, Arnhem NL
2014 Establishment of NOAHH
2014 Visiting Professor University of West England, Bristol UK
2013 Lecture and exhibition in Alkmaar AIA: “Transition by Polyvalence”
2013 Jury-member, Europaconcorsi “Living in Borneo”
2012-now Visiting Professor University of Sassari, Alghero Italy
2012 Visiting Critic, the Bartlett, London UK
2011 Lecture in Cagliari, University of Architecture Italy.
2011 Winner of the de ‘Lieven de Key Penning’, Haarlem: best urban project.
2011 Jury-member, Erasmus University Rotterdam student pavilion
2010 Lecture in Modena, Italy.
2009 Lecture in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
2007-2017 Partner in Architectuurstudio HH (AHH)
2006-2010 Graduation mentor at Academy of Architecture, Hogeschool Zuyd, Maastricht
2006 Lecture RWTH Aachen, Germany
2005-2010 Lecture and guest teacher professor Technical University Eindhoven
2004-2009 Supervisor Waterrijk Eindhoven
1997 Welstand-award province of Noord Brabant NL
1994-2012 Guest teacher and extern jurymember Academy of Architecture, Rotterdam
1994-2004 Guest teacher at the Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam
1994 Startstipendium Fonds BKVB
1993 Lecture at the Technical University Delft
1993 Archiprix, 2nd prize
1992 Architect at Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger
1992 graduated Cum Laude at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in Architecture and Urban design

List of works


2018   Theatre Parade (competition) in ‘s Hertogenbosch NL

2018 -2020 Market Hall, Haarlem NL

2017  Artcluster ‘de Meker’  Middelburg NL (study)

2016  Mortuary Noordwijkerhout NL (feasibility study)

2016 – 2018   MFA Biggekerke NL

2016 Dukla Sports Centre, Padovice, CZ (competition) with TemP

2015 – 2020   OCC / Spuikwartier The Hague NL (international education and cultural cluster) with NL-Architects and JCAU (1st prize in competition)

2014-2017   MFC Doelum, sport- and cultural centre in Renkum NL with Studio Nuy van Noort

2014   Theatre Parade (competition) in ‘s Hertogenbosch NL in cooperation with NL-Architects

2014   Musis Sacrum, extension (design competition), Arnhem NL with Studio Nuy van Noort

2003 – 2014   Music Centre TivoliVredenburg Utrecht NL, with Herman Hertzberger, JCAU, ATA, NL-Architects

2014   ArtA Art Cluster Arnhem NL (competition) in collaboration with So-Il (New York)

2012-2016   Sports Centre, annex to St. Aloysiusinstitute Geel B with Studio Plus

2009-2013   Multipurpose Hall Markant in Uden NL

2010-2012   Musis Sacrum, feasibility studies extension, Arnhem NL

2009-2010   Culture-Cluster, feasibility studies, Arnhem NL

2003 Muziekkwartier Enschede, (competition, Architectuurstudio HH)

1998-2004   Orpheus Apeldoorn NL (Architectuurstudio HH)

1999   Theatre in Helsingør DK (1st prize in competition) (Architectuurstudio HH)

1993-1997   Theatre Markant in Uden NL (Architectuurstudio HH)

1996 New Luxor Theater, Rotterdam NL (competition, architectuurstudio HH)

1992-1996 Chassé Theatre, Breda NL (Architectuurstudio HH)


2018 Martelaarssite, Brussels, B (competition with Bildt.)

2018 Interior design, patio house, Amsterdam, NL

2017-18 Interior design, patio house, Haarlem, NL

2017 ‘Elementary’ school furniture with Pieter Benschop and Blaz Solar

2016 Humanitas office, Amsterdam NL

2015 – 2017 Welcome Center ‘de Tiel’, workspace transformation, Gouda NL

2014 – 2015  Farmhouse (interior design) Schellinkhout NL

2014 – 2016  Farmhouse (interior design) Hoogkarspel NL

2013 De Badcuijp – window, Amsterdam NL

2013 Conservatory, Utrecht NL

2010 – 2012 Office interior design RICOH HQ Europe, ‘s Hertogenbosch NL

2009 – 2012 Office interior design Fire Station Sittard NL

2010 – 2011 New office interior design Woongoed Middelburg, Middelburg NL

2007 – 2011 School interior Waterrijk Neighbourhood centre SKPO, Eindhoven NL (with Herman Hertzberger)

2008  Office AHH interior design of workspace area on ground floor, Amsterdam NL

2005 House and office (interior design) in Vleuten NL

2004 House extension, Waalre NL

2001-2002 Double house extension, Zeist NL

2001  Interior design, basement apartment, Amsterdam, NL

2000-2002  Interior design, house Schubertstraat, Utrecht NL

2000 Office interior design iBanx in WorldFashionCenter Amsterdam NL

1999-2001 House extensions, Chopinstraat, Utrecht NL

1999-2000 House extension and interior design, Slingeraklaan, Utrecht NL

1997 Artist Studio house, Van Ostadestraat, Amsterdam NL

1996 – 1998 Conservatory, Valkenlaan Maarheeze NL

1996 Garden house, Maarheeze NL (not executed)

1995 Conservatory and greenhouse, Battle Creek, Michigan, USA (not executed)

1995-1997 Interior design, house Vossegatselaan, Utrecht NL

1991-1992 Loft, Hasseltstraat, Tilburg NL


2018-2020 ESA-ESTEC refurbishment of restaurant, library, congress facilities and office buildings designed by Aldo van Eyck (1989), Noordwijk NL

2018-2020 Multitenant Office, ‘s Hertogenbosch NL

2017-2019 ESA-ESTEC visitor checkpoint building, Noordwijk NL

2016  ESA-ESTEC Conference and Meeting Facility, Noordwijk NL

2016  Cruise Terminal, Dubrovnik, HR (competition)

2016  Congress Centre for new ESA HQ, Paris FR, (study)

2016  New Town Hall, Prague 7, CZ (competition)

2014-2017   ESTEC entrance covering, Noordwijk, NL

2012   Eandis, office Ieper B, competition with Bildt (Studio Plus)

2010-2012   RICOH head office Europe, Paleiskwartier Den Bosch NL

2010  ESTEC 2, Multipurpose Meeting Facility, Noordwijk, NL

2009-2012   Fire Station Sittard NL

2010-2011   Renovation of office Woongoed Middelburg, Middelburg NL, not executed

2007   City Hall Deventer NL – competition (AHH)

2002   Pedestrian Bridge Veerse Poort in Middelburg NL

2002   iBanx office in World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam NL

2000   Office extension Hamburg D (competition)

2000   Offices Theresiënhöhe, München D (competition)

1999   Offices and housing, Theresiënhöhe MK5, München D (competition 2nd prize)

1998 Extension RDW office in Groningen NL (1st prize in competition)

1995-96  New concept design for Tuscolana and Tiburtina station area’s in Rome for Feroviale Roma (competition with Herman Hertzberger)


2018-2020 villa Almere Oosterwold, NL

2016-2019 Housing De Kleine Weelde in Het Vrije Noortveen, Uithoorn NL with COUP and Het Andere Pand

2017  Elderly Care Housing Beesd (competition) with Pieter Benschop

2016  Na Pomezí, Prague CZ (workshop)

2015 – 2019   block I (Belvédère) in Paleiskwartier in ’s Hertogenbosch NL

2010 – 2015  Residential care complex Appingedam NL

2013  Housing Luchtbal Antwerp B, (competition) with Studio Maks

2006-2011 housing Ploegstraatterrein, Nijmegen NL

2010 hybrid housing, Hamburg D (study)

2008 – 2010   forrest housing scenic room 12A Waterrijk, Eindhoven NL

2008 – 2009   watervilla Oudekerk aan de Amstel NL

2007 – 2009   block 59 IJburg, Amsterdam NL

2007 – 2009   housing block 5AB, urban room Waterrijk, Eindhoven NL

2007 – 2009   hybrid housing, scenic room 9 Waterrijk, Eindhoven NL

2007    Vittoria Housing, Roma It (with Herman Hertzberger)

2002 – 2008   residential care complex Middelburg NL

2000-2007   housing Paswerkterrein (Schoolenaer), Haarlem NL

2007   villa in Millingen a.d. Rijn NL (not executed)

2007   design for residential care housing ’s-Heerenloo in Noordwijk NL (competition)

2004-2006   Villa in Bergen NL

2001 – 2005   interlinked single family houses Veerse Poort, ‘Mezenhof’,

block A, Veerse Poort, Middelburg NL

2004   high density housing Suyderseeboulevard phase 3, Lelystad NL

2003   Spuikom high-rise apartment-tower Vlissingen NL (with Herman Hertzberger)

2000 – 2005   interlinked single family houses and appartments, ‘Hof Weyde Line and Hof St Jan ten Heere’, block C and H, Veerse Poort, Middelburg NL (with Herman Hertzberger)

2001   Highrise study (housing and offices) Paleiskwartier ’s Hertogenbosch NL

1998 – 2002   block I+J (Belvédère) in Paleiskwartier in ’s Hertogenbosch NL (with Herman Hertzberger)

1996 – 2002   housing ‘Kijck over den Dijck’ and ‘Noordendijk ‘ in Dordrecht NL (Architectuurstudio HH)

1995   ECO-housing in Tilburg NL (competition)


2018 Child Centre Avenhorn NL (competition)

2018-2020 Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal, Veenendaal NL

2018-2019 transformation of elementary school de Bethel, Beverwijk NL

2018  transformation of elementary school de Hoeksteen, Enkhuizen NL

2017-2018 Various feasibility studies and transformations SKO West Friesland

2016-2019 Extended school Rockanje NL

2017 Biologiezentrum Wien St. Marx, Vienna AU with Proof of the Sum (competition)

2016 Academy of fine arts and design, Ljubljana SL with O+P>A (competition)

2016 Academy, Heist-op-den-Berg B with l’Escaut and OKRA (competition finalist)

2016-2018   MFA Biggekerke NL

2016 MFA Theodoortje, VUB Campus Jette, Brussels B with ENOFstudio (competition finalist)

2015-2021  Ixelles 2 schools, Brussels B with l’Escaut (1st Prize in competition)

2015   School and sportscentre in Bempt, Brussels B with Bildt (Studio Plus) and Studio Nuy van Noort

2014-2016   Extended school ‘Pr Irenelaan’ Savio and Hilmare Hillegom NL

2014 School in Herseaux (B) competition with l’Escaut

2012-2017   Science Building of St. Jozef Institute, Geel B with Bildt (Studio Plus)

2012-2017   Extension and renovation of St. Aloysiusinstitute, Geel B with Bildt (Studio Plus)

2012-2017   Extensions of St Dimpna College, Geel B with Bildt (Studio Plus)

2012-2017   Sancta Maria Institute, Kasterlee B with Bildt (Studio Plus)

2014   Vuurkruisenlaan school, Brussels B (competition) with Bildt (Studio Plus) and OKRA

2013  Extended School Ruishornlaan, Lisse NL (competition)

2012   Campus O.L.V. ten Doorn, Eeklo B (competition) with Bildt (Studio Plus) and OKRA

2007 – 2011   Waterrijk Neighbourhood centre SKPO, Eindhoven NL with Herman Hertzberger

2011   John F Kennedyschool, Dordrecht NL (competition)

2011   Extended school ‘Hoog Zandveld’, Nieuwegein NL (competition)

2011   Rietveld College, secondary school, Utrecht NL (competition)

2010   Ezinge Campus, secondary school, Meppel NL (competition)

2009   Fontys Sport-Hogeschool Eindhoven NL (competition) with Herman Hertzberger

2008   Landbouwhogeschool Dronten NL (competition) with Herman Hertzberger

1998   Day nursery, Koekoeksplein, Utrecht NL (not executed)


2018-19 Masterplan and supervision of redevelopment and activating public areas near TivoliVredenburg city of Utrecht NL

2017  Urban plan ‘Molenweg area’ Noordwijkerhout NL

2017  ‘Amsterdam Noord’ NL (ongoing).

2016  ‘Licht Verdicht’ Weenapoint, Rotterdam NL (research) with Temp, Hosper, Studio Drift and Zonneveld ingenieurs.

2016  Na Pomezí, Prague CZ (workshop)

2014   Urban plan in Renkum NL, MFC 3b4 area, with Studio Nuy van Noort

2014   TOD (Transit Oriënted Development) Zaancorridor, Heerhugowaard NL with Temp architecture

2006-2011   Urban redevelopment plan and housing Ploegstraatterrein, Nijmegen NL (1e prize in competition)

2010   Masterplan ESTEC-2 Noordwijk NL

2009   Urban plan for ‘sustainable housing area de Haagen’, Velmolen Oost II Uden NL (competition)

2008   Masterplan, watervilla’s, environmental development, marina and 27 holes golfcourse; 280 Ha) in Eraclea Mare Italië (together with DS and Witteveen & Bos), for Numeria SGR

2007   Masterplan for Urban plan for Collective Partnership housing development (CPO) in Eindhoven Landforum, Grasrijk NL (competition)

2007   Urban redevelopment plan, gentrification area ‘Oude Westen’ Rotterdam NL (study)

2007   Redevelopment of Philips area Strijp-S Eindhoven NL for Trudo (study)

2006-2008   Urban redevelopment plan ‘Majellaknoop’ Utrecht NL for Mitros and Portaal

2005-2009  Veersche Poort Phase 5, various studies, Middelburg NL

2004 Arneville densification study, Middelburg NL

2004   Mainz Gonzenheim D, housing area (with Laurens Jan ten Kate) competition

2003   Sustainable housing area Aarhus DK (with Laurens Jan ten Kate) competition

2003-2006   Urban Masterplan Waterrijk (56 Ha) in Eindhoven NL

2002   Design for olympic village/feasibility study Düsseldorf/Neuss D, with Juurlink+Geluk

2000-2007   Urban plan and housing Paswerkterrein (Schoolenaer), Haarlem NL