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NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture is a multidisciplinary architecture firm that’s driven by the ambition to meet the challenges of a constantly changing society. Our network-based approach acts as a springboard for social interaction in public spaces through architecture and urbanism – stimulating people to meet and connect. We are fascinated by the interaction between buildings and the environment. We aspire to design innovative buildings that are user-friendly 24-7 and that gradually transform into a canvas for interpretation, rather than a defined place that’s set in time. We specialize in complex projects with a social agenda, such as cultural, educational and public buildings. The Education and Culture Cluster (OCC) in The Hague, the new Theater aan de Parade in 's Hertogenbosch, as well as the contemporary music venue TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht and the MFC Doelum in Renkum are great examples of our work: innovative cultural buildings that have a significant impact on the city and its residents.
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Construction completed Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal

On the exact location where the Christian Lyceum Veenendaal opened its doors more than fifty years ago, a beautiful, futureproof, and (almost) energy-neutral school has been completed this November! Reuse, circularity, and identity are central to its regenerative design.

NOAHH and Braaksma en Roos Architectenbureau present winning design CSG Reggesteyn

We wanted to design a futureproof, nature-inclusive school campus in harmony with the beautiful surrounding heathland landscape: an inspiring school with a clear focus on outdoor sports and practical learning.

Theater aan de Parade plans approved by City Council

After 14 years of discussion about the new Theater aan de Parade, the city council of 's-Hertogenbosch has approved the plans that we have developed over the past 2 years. 'A monument for the future, a cultural jewel for the city', according to the city council.