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NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture is a multidisciplinary architecture firm that’s driven by the ambition to meet the challenges of a constantly changing society. Our network-based approach acts as a springboard for social interaction in public spaces through architecture and urbanism – stimulating people to meet and connect. We are fascinated by the interaction between buildings and the environment. We aspire to design innovative buildings that are user-friendly 24-7 and that gradually transform into a canvas for interpretation, rather than a defined place that’s set in time. We are specialized in innovative complex projects with a social agenda, such as cultural, educational and public buildings that have a significant impact on the city and its residents. We strive to design architecture that connects.
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1st Phase of Glanerbrook in use

After only four months of building, the first phase of sports campus Glanerbrook is already again in use. A milestone achieved by Mertens and Spie. The rest of the large sports campus will follow in high speed.

King Willem Alexander opens Theater aan de Parade

March 1, was a joyous moment for the Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch. His Majesty King Willem Alexander inaugurated the officially opening of the Theater with a festive weekend

UNBUILT - Work for Progress

On 16 November, Loes Thijssen reflects on the theme 'Work For Progress' at MADE Expo organised by MIBA -Milaan at the invitation of PLATFORM with their topic 'Unbuilt: visions for a future that never arrived'.