Team - NOAHH
In our working practice as an architecture firm, NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture is a platform for sharing knowledge and innovation. Our staff members are our ambassadors. NOAHH is led by Patrick Fransen, founder and managing director, and Loes Thijssen, associate partner. Our Amsterdam-based design team includes experienced designers and young talent drawn from around the world. Combining a wealth of practical experience with technical expertise, ambition and commitment, we operate from different perspectives to develop and design new concepts, typologies and complex urban projects focusing on far-reaching social aspects. This integrated way of working is fundamental to NOAHH’s design practice and essential in ensuring quality control. As architects, we see ourselves as the directors of a project – steering the future use of a building in order to determine a successful outcome.
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Ane Aretxaga
Junior Designer
NOAHH_team_Pieter Benschop
Pieter Benschop
Senior Architect
NOAHH_team_Joost van Bergen
Joost van Bergen
Senior Architect
NOAHH_team_Aiva Dorbe
Aiva Dorbe
Katja Effting
Architectural Photographer
antoni_Mies Fransen3
Mies Fransen
Management Assistant
NOAHH_team_Patrick Fransen
Patrick Fransen
Founder/Principal Architect
antoni_jeremy gepken-2
Jeremy Gepken
Technical Designer
NOAHH_team_Niels Hessels
Niels Hessels
Finance Administrator
NOAHH_team_Alma Holm
Alma Holm
Junior researcher
NOAHH_team_Bilal Karaburun
Bilal Karaburun
Technical Designer
antoni_Dominique van kooi
Dominique van Kooi
Marloes Koster
PR & Communications
NOAHH_team_Joanne Kridiotis
Joanne Kridiotis
Dobrochna Lata
Junior Designer
antoni_mick madder 2
Mick Madder
Senior Project Manager
NOAHH_team_Geert Mol
Geert Mol
Senior Technical Designer
NOAHH_team_Zaid Mouhmouh
Zaïd Mouhmouh
Architectural Designer
Daniella Patsalos
Junior Designer
NOAHH_team_Lucas Pissetti
Lucas Pissetti
Angela Ramirez
Architectural Intern
NOAHH_team_Bawar Tanay
Bawar Tanay
BIM Manager
NOAHH_team_Loes Thijssen 1
Loes Thijssen
Creative Director
NOAHH_team_Daan van Westen
Daan van Westen
Model Maker
NOAHH_team_Paul van den Broek
Paul Van Den Broek
Information Systems Manager
NOAHH_team_Elisa Zampogna
Elisa Zampogna
antoni_Jthais zuchetti-2
Thais Zuchetti
Junior Designer
Former staff members

Anoek Aerts, Rimaan Aldujaili, Bilal Alkhatib, Ilse Bakker, Hanna Blomquist, Aafke de Bode, Sebastiaan Boer, Camille Bock, Ivo Brandes, Agathe Briday, Barbara Busslinger, Viviana Caruso, Cecile Christmann, Boris Cribeo, Caterina Debidda, Dania Di Pietro, Louise Donker, Ted van Duin, Serena Fanelli, Allesandro Fenu, Laira Fransen, Eleonora Gaudini, Ludovica Giaconi, Suzanne Glas, Jos Halfweeg, Ashkan Hashemkhani, Maida Hodzic, Stefano Hu, Xiaozhu Huang, Roberto Ibba, Paulina Kapczynska, Bilal Kechou, Valentin Kobes, Kristina Kosic, Joanna Kregiel, Albert Laarman, Stefanie Lama, Xabier Larrinaga Mugica, Stella Makri, Alicja Malek, Irina Margarit, Luca Melis, Henar Merino, Alexander van Nalta, Laura Nazzari, Magdalena Nalepa, Santiago Palacio Villa, Valeria Obino, Unai Oraa Gallastegui, Ania Odulinska, Amaia Oyarbide, Agnieszka Paul, Leticija Petrova, Reijer Pielkenrood, Paula Pinin, Bianca Pinto, Paola Rapana, Rashid Rashidi, Barbara van Santen, Blaz Solar, Kyra van Seters, Florry Simons, Arnoud Stavenuiter, Shie Suzuki, Alena Ulasava, Ana Valverde, Marielle Wetter, Nora Zechmeister, Giorgia Zicaro, Maurizio Zichi, Jelmer van der Zweep