Sports Campus De Gelenberg, Druten (NL) - NOAHH
NOAHH = Network Oriented Architecture Patrick Fransen founded NOAHH in 2014.
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Sports Campus De Gelenberg, Druten (NL)

About This Project

The small town of Druten has a rich community and identity. Therefore, the new multifunctional sports center is seen as an important step in the transformation of the area of ​​a sports park to a sports campus that connects. This means that the sports center is used as a connection the various sports clubs close to the sports campus. The complex is designed as an all-sided and compact building with a transparent design which roots it in its surrounding, and makes it inviting and open to the wider community of Druten.

The mass is made up of the two main functions (swimming pool and sports hall) which are separated by a transparent inviting space. The green central interior space is visually continued in the landscape through a number of strategically placed floor-to-ceiling windows and a transparent boulevard which contains the restaurant – the social heart of the building. This central area is the connecting space to both sports and swimming, but also the connection to the local surrounding environment. However, a flexible approach allows the horeca to function completely independently of the sports functions in the center. This is achieved through the addition of adjustable partition walls and the two entries. Each entry is provided with a terrace, each terraces with its own specific quality.

The swimming pool area, visible from the internal corridor, consist of competition pool and multifunctional pool with recreational functions integrated in one room. In addition, they can also be separated by means of a drop-down partition wall. Furthermore, the swimming area also includes a paddling pool which has been designed as a playful discovery trail, with objects including the ‘Funbrella’, a spray tunnel, a mini slide, and stepping stones to stimulate the imagination of its little users. The sports halls are designed as a flexible space with a variety of possibilities in use. The four halls are visually interconnected to one another. The area with the mobile stands is designed as a fifth ‘bonus’ sports hall with programmable wall- and floor space to train your athletic skills.

This transformation project aims to stimulate social interaction through sports and to give a new quality and impulse to the community in Druten.



Van der Horst Bouw en onderhoud B.V., Van der Laar: constructie-advies, DGMR: bouwfysica

Druten, the Netherlands

Total floor area
6.000 m2

Municipality Druten / Van der Horst Bouw en onderhoud B.V.


Pieter Benschop, Irina Margarit, Xabier Larrinaga Mugica, Viviana Caruso, Patrick Fransen


NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture

Culture & Leisure