NOAHH | NOAHH Network Oriented Architecture
NOAHH = Network Oriented Architecture. Patrick Fransen founded NOAHH in 2014.Patrick Fransen was supervisor of the urban area Waterrijk in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and specializes in complex projects, such as theatres and cultural buildings. He is also a frequent teacher at colleges and universities and jury member in architect and building selections. Patrick Fransen is architect of the OCC in The Hague, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, RICOH HQ in 's Hertogenbosch, Multipurpose Meeting Facility for ESTEC in Noordwijk, various housing and residential care projects the Netherlands; Kogeka Schools in Geel Belgium, Multifunctional Centra and new schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. Urban plans by him are Waterrijk in Eindhoven, Schoolenaer Paswerk area in Haarlem and ecological residential resort in Eraclea Mare (Italy). For Schoolenaer he won the ‘Lieven-the-Key penning’, the first prize for best urban project in Haarlem of the last decade.NOAHH focuses on designing in networking relations with partners like NL-Architects and Nuy van Noort and Temp. (Amsterdam), Studio Plus and l'Escaut (Belgium), So-Il (New York) and Murail Architectures (France)., NOAHH, Network Oriented Architecture, Patrick Fransen, Amsterdam
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Network Oriented Architecture

NOAHH = Network Oriented Architecture.

NOAHH was founded in 2014 by Patrick Fransen

Patrick Fransen (1967; graduated with honors in TU Eindhoven) has a wide experience managing and guiding large teams of architects and experts working together closely. This experience resulted in a more networking-oriented attitude and the need for an in-depth research into this way of working. By creating NOAHH, he was able to explore this way of working more thoroughly. Now surrounded by a young international team of designers and technical experts, NOAHH is growing, as well as working in several fields and countries in Europe.

NOAHH is specialized in complex projects, such as cultural and leisure buildings. The International Education Culture Cluster (OCC) in The Hague and the Music Centre TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht are examples of its designing ability. TivoliVredenburg won the Rietveld Award 2015. Schools also form an important part of our knowledge, loyal to a strong renewing pedagogical concept. NOAHH believes in the social aspects of the architecture and urbanism. For Schoolenaer he won the ‘Lieven-the-Key penning’, the first prize for best urban project in Haarlem of the last decade. The projects are always the result of an intensive, service-oriented interaction with our clients, our partners, the budget and the project context.

Driven by the ambition to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society, NOAHH – Network Oriented Architecture – explores a network-based approach to deal with the embedded nature of the building tradition and the unexpected factors of the architectural and urban processes; continuously keeping the social aspects of architecture and urbanism at heart.

NOAHH works in the fields of urban design, housing, cultural and leisure buildings and schools, as well as office buildings, transformations, re-use and interiors.