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Multipurpose Hall Markant, Uden (NL) - NOAHH
The typology of the Event Accommodation is based on a reflection of the structure that we designed for the Markant Theatre (1996). Our starting point is that the whole reads like a coherent complex with own identities. The Multipurpose Hall and Theatre are located with (interchangeable) backstage and functions side by side
NOAHH, Network Oriented Architecture, Patrick Fransen, Markant, Uden, multifunctioneel, multipurpose, theater, evenementenzaal
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Multipurpose Hall Markant, Uden (NL)


About This Project

The typology of our event accommodation is based on a reflection of the structure that we designed for the Markant Theatre (1996) in Uden. Our starting point was for the whole to read like a coherent complex with its own identities. The multipurpose hall and theatre are located with (interchangeable) backstage and functions running side by side. These functions are like the technical rooms housed in dark-grey thin spaces. Between these finger-like spaces is a new wide entrance space designed for the benefit of the whole accommodation. The entrance foyer with its own central location offers direct access to the halls, foyer and restaurant. The lot is small, which means a stacked programme. As the event hall itself has no direct functional relationship with ground level, it is raised to accommodate public functions on the ground floor as a restaurant. The journey takes place completely internally, accessible from the Kastanjeweg. The multipurpose hall is a flat floor-hall, which can be used for many programmatic functions including: pop concerts (big enough for about 1,100 people), events, exhibitions, dance shows, carnival (approx. 600 seats), youth events, dinners, parties and other events.

De typologie van de Evenementenaccommodatie gaat uit van een spiegeling van de structuur die in het eerder door ons ontworpen Theater Markant (1996) is ingezet. Ons uitgangspunt is dat het geheel zich laat lezen als een samenhangend complex met sterke eigen identiteiten. Een nieuwe centrale entreeruimte bindt de gehele accommodatie van Theater en Evenementenzaal samen. De nieuwe zaal is ontworpen als een multifunctionele cross-over zaal, geschikt voor brede programmering. In de stad neemt de Evenementenaccommodatie een belangrijke positie in aan de kop van de Markt. De gevel is daarom uitnodigend door toepassing van een geweven huidfaçade en expressieve vorm.


Onne Walsmit (permanent furniture and bars)


Markt / Kastanjeweg, Uden

Total floor area
7.190 m2 (including 3.670 m2 renovation)

‘Heven Group’, Uden
Gemeente Uden / Theater Markant NV

Patrick Fransen, Ilse Bakker
Thys Schreij, Ivo Brandes, Joeri Apontoweil, Tim Loeters

Luuk Kramer, NOAHH, Van der Lee

Culture & Leisure